Second Workshop for Radioactive Decay Data Evaluators:
Training sessions of the Decay Data Evaluation Project (DDEP-2008)
Bucharest, Romania, May 12-14, 2008



Gamma-Ray Emission Probabilities - Edgardo Browne

Nuclear Data for the Skeptic - Edgardo Browne

Particle Emission Probabilities - Edgardo Browne

Discrepant Data. Program LWEIGHT - Edgardo Browne

Alpha-Decay Hindrance Factors. Program ALPHAD - Edgardo Browne

Decay Data Evaluation Project - Marie-Martine Bé

Decay Scheme Normalization - Jagdish K. Tuli

Nuclear Structure and Radioactive Decay Databases and Other Resources at NNDC - Jagdish K. Tuli

Decay Data in View of Complex Applications - Octavian Sima

Decay data evaluation of Radium - 226 and its daughters - V. Chiste

Radioactive Equilibrium: 99Mo/ 99mTc - Valery Chechev

186Re : Importance of X-ray measurements - Marie-Martine Be

New Improvements to SAISINUC - Christophe Dulieu

The IAEA Coordinated Research Project on the Update of X Ray and Gamma Ray Decay Data Standards for Detector Calibration and Other Applications - Mark Kellett

Evaluation of 236U nuclear decay data - Aurelian Luca

133,133MXe and 133I evaluations - Monica Galan

Overview of Precision Internal Conversion Measurements as Tests of Internal Conversion Theory - Ninel Nica

The interplay between the statistical correlations of gamma-ray emission probabilities and efficiency calibration - Ruy Castro

Main Research Area and International Activities of the Radionuclide Metrology Laboratory from IFIN-HH - Maria Sahagia

Evaluation of the relative emission probabilities for 56Co and 67Ga - Xiaolong Huang

Isomer Data for Calibration of g-ray tracking detectors - Filip G. Kondev

Example of Evaluation: Decay of 177Lu - Filip G. Kondev

Log ft values in Beta Decay - Filip G. Kondev

New Theoretical Conversion Coefficients. Comparison with Experimental Values, and Recent Additions to Band-Raman Internal Conversion Coefficients (BRICC) - Tibor Kibedi

A protocol for uncertainty assessment of half-lives - Stefaan Pomme