Regional Workshop on Waste Acceptance Criteria Development and Use (RER 9143 "Enhancing Radioactive Waste Management Capabilities")

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Description The workshop has discussed waste acceptance criteria (WAC) concepts and practices focusing on WAC development and use in management of low and intermediate level radioactive waste. The Workshop included overview lectures on international practices and requirements to development and use of WAC.
The overviews were aligned to emphasize:
(i) The role of WAC in radioactive waste management and the relevance to the overall waste management system, highlighting the importance of waste characterization in this process;
(ii) The various responsibilities of the different stakeholders involved, including national governments and regulatory bodies, waste generators, waste processors, storage facility operators and repository operators;
(iii) Description of the process of development of WAC including administrative, quality and safety/technical requirements plus the content and structure of the waste acceptance criteria documentation;
(iv) The radioactive waste acceptance process, from initial enquiry concerning anticipated waste to receipt of actual waste at a processing facility, store or disposal site, and emphasizing the role of treatment/conditioning process qualification as a component of verification that WAC can and are being met.
The Workshop has also included participants presentations outlining Member State experience and issues related to development and use of WAC’s. The workshop was attended by 43 participants from 25 different countries including 13 local participants from various Romanian institutions and waste management organizations. The event represented a good opportunity for networking, discussions and exchange of opinions, ideas and experience related to the development and implementation of WAC.
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