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Romanian Journal of Physics
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Volume 64, Number 3-4, 2019
Theoretical, Mathematical, and Computational Physics
Multi-Graviton Theories in the Causal Approach
D. R. Grigore
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 105 (2019)
Article no. 105: PDF | Abstract
Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
The Zeeman Effect for Hydrogen Atom in Twist-Deformed Space-Time
Marcin Daszkiewicz
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 201 (2019)
Article no. 201: PDF | Abstract
Angular and Spectral Interrogation Methods for a Hollow-Core Bragg Fiber with a Gold Layer
V. A. Popescu
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 202 (2019)
Article no. 202: PDF | Abstract
Interactions and Oscillations of Three-Soliton Solution in the Variable-Coefficient Kundu-Eckhaus Equation for Dispersion Management Systems
Wei-Tian Yu, Abdul-Majid Wazwaz, Qin Zhou, Wen-Jun Liu
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 203 (2019)
Article no. 203: PDF | Abstract
Lasers, Plasmas, and Beam Physics
The Effect of Argon/Oxygen and Argon/Nitrogen Atmospheric Plasma Jet on Stored Products Pests
L. G. Carpen, C. Chireceanu, M. Teodorescu, A. Chiriloaie, A. Teodoru, G. Dinescu
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 503 (2019)
Article no. 503: PDF | Abstract
Modification of Carbon Nanowalls Using Low Pressure Plasma to Enhance the Fibroblast Attachment
E. C. Stancu, S. Vizireanu, A. Quade, A. M. Stanciuc, L. Moldovan, G. Dinescu
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 504 (2019)
Article no. 504: PDF | Abstract
Biophysics and Medical Physics
Tangerine-Generated Silver - Silica Bioactive Materials
M.E. Barbinta-Patrascu, M. Constantin, N. Badea, C. Ungureanu, S.M. Iordache, V. Purcar, S. Antohe
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 701 (2019)
Article no. 701: PDF | Abstract
Environmental and Earth Physics
Aerosol Direct Radiative Forcing: Seasonal Variabiliy in Bucharest Area, Romania
G. Manolache, S. Stefan, G. Iorga
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 808 (2019)
Article no. 808: PDF | Abstract
Complex Investigation of Unconsolidated Sediments of Romanian Plain Salt Lake
C. Radulescu, I.A. Bucurica, P. Bretcan, E.D. Chelarescu, D. Tanislav, I. D. Dulama, R.M. Stirbescu, S. Teodorescu
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 809 (2019)
Article no. 809: PDF | Abstract
The Use of Peleg’s Equation to Model Water Absorption in Triticale (X Triticosecale Wittmack) Seeds Magnetically Treated Before Soaking
J. Alvarez, V. Carbonell, E. Martinez, M. Florez
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 810 (2019)
Article no. 810: PDF | Abstract
Measurement of Radon Exhalation Rate and Annual Effective Dose from Marine Sediments, Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia, Using CR-39 Detectors
Fatimh Alshahri, A. El-Taher, Abd Elmoniem A. Elzain
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 811 (2019)
Article no. 811: PDF | Abstract