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Romanian Journal of Physics
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Volume 65, Number 5-6, 2020
Theoretical, Mathematical, and Computational Physics
Rational and Semi-Rational Solutions to the Nonlocal Mel’nikov Equation via Determinants
Yunkai Liu, Biao Li, Abdul-Majid Wazwaz
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 109 (2020)
Article no. 109: PDF | Abstract
Note on the Solving the Laplace Tidal Equation with Linear Dissipation
Sergey V. Ershkov, Dmytro Leshchenko, Ayrat R. Giniyatullin
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 110 (2020)
Article no. 110: PDF | Abstract
Numerical Investigations on the Physical Dynamics of the Coupled Fractional Boussinesq-Burgers System
I. Abu Irwaq, M. Alquran, I. Jaradat, M.S.M. Noorani, S. Momani, D. Baleanu
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 111 (2020)
Article no. 111: PDF | Abstract
Average Trapping Time on the Level-3 Sierpinski Gasket
Bo Wu, Zhizhuo Zhang, Weiyi Su
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 112 (2020)
Article no. 112: PDF | Abstract
Condensed and Soft Matter Physics
Magnetic Control of Light Transmission and of Electrical Conductivity in (Hybrid) Magnetorheological Suspensions Based on Bioactive Components
I. Bica, E. M. Anitas, L. M. E. Averis
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 605 (2020)
Article no. 605: PDF | Abstract
Plasmon-Longitudinal Optical Phonon Interaction Based Modulational Amplification in Weakly Polar Magnetoactive N-Type Doped III-V Semiconductors
Anita Sangwan, Navneet Singh
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 606 (2020)
Article no. 606: PDF | Abstract
Incorporation of Lithium Ion on Zn:CdS Quantum Dots: Structural and Optical Investigations
P. Sakthivel, I. Devadoss, S.V. Vijayasundaram
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 607 (2020)
Article no. 607: PDF | Abstract
Stress-Deformation Curve of FCC Interstitial Alloy AuSi under Pressure
N.Q. Học, B.D. Tinh, N.D. Hien
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 608 (2020)
Article no. 608: PDF | Abstract
Biophysics and Medical Physics
Simulation of Gas Dynamics in a Subject Breathing via Self-Contained Self-Rescue Apparatus
E.S. Ermolaev, A.I. Dyachenko, Y.A. Shulagin, A.V. Suvorov, K.S. Parshin
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 704 (2020)
Article no. 704: PDF | Abstract
On the Effective Dose Estimation Based on Two-Dosimeter Algorithm: A Method to Reduce Uncertainty
K. Karimi Shahri, L. Rafat Motavalli, H. Miri Hakimabad
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 705 (2020)
Article no. 705: PDF | Abstract
Environmental and Earth Physics
A Comparative Study of Sodar, Lidar Wind Measurements and Aircraft Derived Wind Observations
Livius Buzdugan, Sabina Stefan
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 810 (2020)
Article no. 810: PDF | Abstract
Larger Peak Ground Accelerations in Extra-Carpathian Area than in Epicenter
Gheorghe Marmureanu, Ioan Sorin Borcia , Alexandru Marmureanu, Carmen Ortanza Cioflan, Toma Dragos, Ion Ilieş, George-Marius Craiu, Irina Stoian
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 811 (2020)
Article no. 811: PDF | Abstract
Applied and Interdisciplinary Physics
Study on the Mechanical Properties of Generation IV Innovative Materials by Non-Standardized Method
L.N. Stoica, A.I. Nitu, V. Radu
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 904 (2020)
Article no. 904: PDF | Abstract
The Dispersion of the Elemental Composition of Samples from the Same Batch of Optical Materials Used in Dosimetry Applications
L.-C. Tugulan
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 905 (2020)
Article no. 905: PDF | Abstract