1. Project title: Femtoseconds PW laser applications on advanced particle acceleration / FLAP

2. Project duration: 26 months (2017-2019)

3. Partners IFIN-HH and INFLPR

4. Objectives:

ELI-NP will start to operate at partial and full capacity in the next two years. However in this commissioning phase, the access to the experimental areas will be limited. Access to the CETAL facility trough this project will enhance and support the implementation of the ELI-NP experiments and diagnostics and sustain our collaboration.

The project objectives are:

O1. Preparation of the experiments, facility operation and procedures.

O2. Benchmark electron and proton acceleration on simple, controllable target and flat laser profile on target together with the installation and test of a full array of diagnostics.

O3. Benchmark simulated results with real data obtained at the CETAL facility. ELI-NP pushes the limits of current knowledge in particle acceleration, which means that it needs to rely on extrapolations of existing models for making simulations and predictions. Thus, testing at CETAL the accuracy of the existing models is of paramount importance.

O4. Explore experimental opportunities available during experiments to test and construct diagnostics. Here we will focus on two experiments: proton radiography and generation of high charge, nC electron beam.

O4. Implement advanced acceleration techniques.

5. Team

Coordinator IFIN-HH: Petru Ghenuche, Mihail Cernaianu, Florin Negoita, Dan Stutman, Viorel Nastasa, Razvan Dabu, Daniel Ursescu, Ioan Dancus, Octavian Danila, Adrian Toader, Radu Secareanu, Bertrand de Boisdeffre, Mihai Cuciuc, Ovidiu Tesileanu, Madalin Rosu, Kyle Juedes.

Partner INFLPR: Constantin Diplasu, Catalin Ticos, Aurelian Marcu, Achim Alexandru, Razvan Ungureanu, Gabriel Cojocaru, GeorgianaGiubega, Mihai Serbanescu, Elena Stancu, Eugenia Badita, Mirela Trupina, Luiza Mitu, Niculae Tudor, Marin Stoicu, Florenta Craciun.

6. Equipment

Project coordinator: IFIN-HH

Name of equipment


Integrating Current Transformer

Two sensitivity ranges, 50 fC - 300 pC and 10 pC - 5nC

Gas jet system

Maximum atomic density 2x1021 atoms/cm3 using a 400um nozzle

Data acquisition workstation

Xeon CPU, 32GB RAM, 4 TB HDD

Alignment and positioning system for solid targets

High resolution positioning and long travel range, vacuum compatible

Gas cell system

Source Lab, variable length

Various Diagnostics

High sensitivity cameras, Xray Cameras, Spectrometers etc

Partner - INFLPR

Laser 1PW Thales Alpha 0,1

810 nm High Power Laser



Single-shot, high contrast pulse measurement, Wizzler

Spectral detection band edges: 560-1040 nm

Pulse duration range: 20 - 100 fs (FWHM values for FTL Gaussian pulses )

Temporal measurement window: +-400 fs

Temporal measurement dynamic: >40 dB

Ultra high-contrast third-order autocorrelator Tundra- ULTRAFAST INNOVATIONS

Signal dynamics: 11 orders of magnitude

Pulse energy for full dynamic range: 50-100 µJ

Delay range: 650 ps

Spectral range: 100 nm

Electromagnet GMW 3472-70

B=2 T @70 A, 50V

Pole D=100mm

6-Axis Hexapod, Physik Instruments

Load capacity to 10 kg

Travel ranges to 45 mm / 250C

Actuator resolution to 7 nm

Min. incremental motion to 0.3 µm

Repeatability to +-0.1 micro;m / +-2.5 µrad

Velocity to 25 mm/s



7. Contact person: Petru Ghenuche (petru.ghenuche@eli-np.ro) and Constantin Diplasu (constantin.diplasu@inflpr.ro).


8. Jobs: 2 part-time or 1 full time IDT position is available in this project starting from 2018