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Project List » Cultural Heritage conservation by salvation treatments of large volumes. Study oriented on decontamination by gamma irradiation of polychrome wood.

Cultural Heritage conservation by salvation treatments of large volumes. Study oriented on decontamination by gamma irradiation of polychrome wood.
Extended website: http://irasm.ro/delcrom/

Acronym: DELCROM
Contracting Authority: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
Number / Date of the contract: 92-086 / 01.10.2008
Parteneriate in domeniile prioritare
Project Manager: Ponta Corneliu Catalin
Partners: Institutul National al Lemnului Bucuresti - INL Bucuresti; Centrul National Muzeal “Moldova” - CNM Iasi; Centrul National Muzeal „ASTRA” – CNM Sibiu
Starting date / finishing date: 2009-10-01 / 2011-10-01
Project value: 2000000 RON
Abstract: The biocide effect of gamma irradiation in cultural heritage items disinfestations is indisputable. The comparative advantages are certain and accepted: speediness (the treatment duration takes hours), penetrability (large objects of any form may be treated), simplicity (the object may be treated in its transport package), composite objects could be efficiently treated, no toxic or radioactive residue is left in the object after treatment, quite reasonable cost. In Romania as is the case in other countries, the treatment applies rarely and only as salvation treatment (when the alternative is the patient death). Ionizing radiation treatment is still exotic from both subjective and objective reasons. The catastrophic perception of terms like „nuclear”, „radiation”, „radioactive” may generate hysteria. On the other hand there are a few trustful studies son irradiation qualification of materials from which cultural heritage items are made. As now a day, large items classical treatment methods using toxic gases like methyl bromide or ethylene oxide, are forbidden, alternative methods must be carefully considered. This project proposes solutions for 3 irradiation conservation aspects:
1) substantiation of irradiation conservation method based on pluridisciplinary scientific investigations (microbiological, physical,chemical, mechanical, optical side effects, on polychrome wood components and the assembly);
2) an important shortage of normal extent of time for experimentation/verification/application, by tests on artificially aged/degraded polychrome wood;
3) efficient transfer of acquired knowledge to conservators-restaurateurs (at school units functioning at 2 consortium members, by producing didactic material - a pamphlet); to cultural responsible person / managers by elaboration of a decision procedure; to European specialists (by publication of scientific papers and spreading in the frame of European dedicated projects like IAEA RER/1/006 and FP7 COST action IE0601).
The study object is polychrome wood – a complex of natural and artificial substances, organic and inorganic. The project proposes a solution to the very difficult problem of testing materials by artificial degradation of polychrome wood. As a consequence of knowledge transfer activities, irradiation conservation will be asked by the museums as routine treatment efficiency, because of its efficiency, quickness and low cost.




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