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Project List » Topical research on nuclear structure, phase transitions and double beta decay

Topical research on nuclear structure, phase transitions and double beta decay
Extended website: http://proiecte.nipne.ro/pn2/id-2_2011/

Acronym: Id-2_2011
Contracting Authority: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
Number / Date of the contract: 2 / 2011-10-05
Project Manager: Prof. Apolodor Raduta
Partners: -
Starting date / finishing date: 2011-10-05 / 2014-12-14
Project value: 1500000 RON
Abstract: Within the extended version of the Coherent State Model we shall search for a set of particlecore interaction strengths for which the three components system, quadrupole bosons, octupole bosons and a set of particles, exhibits a chiral symmetry. The magnetic properties of such a system will be studied. For a composite system of particles moving in deformed orbits and interacting with a phenomenological core described by quadrupole bosons, we investigate the multibackbending phenomenon in yrast and nonyrast bands. We shall elaborate exactly solvable models for studying the phase transitions from one symmetry to another. For g variable, a differential equation for the Mathieu function will be used. As for the variable b, this will be described by the solutions of a sextic oscillator potential plus a centrifugal term. Also we shall study the CSM ability to describe realistically the transitions O(6)SU(5), O(6) SU(3). 2??nbb decay rates are calculated within a fully renormalized pnQRPA formalism with the gauge symmetry restored. The pp interaction will be replaced by a a dipole paring force. One expects that the bą strengths obey the Ikeda sum rule, which should be valid for the GT protonneutron two body interaction, and moreover a realistic description of the available data is provided.


1. Double beta decay and the backbending phenomenon (2011-12-10)
2. New results for CSM. The double beta transition to exited states within GRFRpnQRPA (2012-12-10)
3. Phase transition. The SSD hypothesis (2013-12-10)
4. Chiral symmetry; backbending (2014-12-14)
5. Specific properties of the chiral magnetic bands (2015-12-10)
6. SSD for the double beta decay and microscopic description of the finite bands (2016-10-31)


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