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Project List » Realisation of the Romanian Radon Primary Standard System aimed to assure the national and international traceability of the measurements

Realisation of the Romanian Radon Primary Standard System aimed to assure the national and international traceability of the measurements

Acronym: SEPRAD
Contracting Authority: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
Number / Date of the contract: D71-102 / 18.09.2007
Parteneriate in domeniile prioritare
Project Manager: Dr. Maria Sahagia
Partners: Institute of Public Health "prof. dr.Leonida Georgescu" Timisoara National Institute of Rearch and Development for Cryogenic and Isotopic Technologies- Rm. Valcea
Starting date / finishing date: 2007-09-18 / 2010-09-18
Project value: 1890000 RON
Abstract: The project is part of the Objectives of the National Research, Development, Innovation Plan II, Program 4 – Partnership in prioritary fields. Directions 7.Materials, processes and innovative products, Subchapter 7.4 Nuclear Technologies, point 7.4.5 Nuclear safety and security, radioecology and radioprotection. 4.Health, Subchapter 4.1 Health, Point 4.1.6 Implementation of new preventive and intervention methods, at the national level, arrounded at the European operation space.
At the European Union level, Frame Programme, FP7 EU, the project is part of the objectives of the European Association of National Metrology Institutes, EURAMET, European Metrology Research Programme, EMRP, ERANET-PLUS, iMERA-PLUS. Targeted Programme TP2” “Health”
Connection of the project with the European programme, EMRP. The EMRP was recently adopted, for the realisation on top research in Metrology at the European level. Romania, as a UE memeber state addered recently at the EMRP structure. The Ionizing Radiations Metrology area was arrounded at the Targeted Programme TP2, “Health”. Before 31.05. 2007, the National Metrology Institutes, or Designated Institutes, among which, IFIN-HH, transmitted the documents: Expression of Interrest (EOI).
Radon concentration monitoring is an important matter of public health at the international level and in Romania. Many equipments for radon measurement exist, but the metrological basis for their certification does not exist. None system for primary standardization, or secondary standards exist.The lack of a primary standard system and of secondary standards has as consequence the measurement with a high level of uncertainty Following the deployment of the project, the national metrological basis will be assured, as well as the Romanian participation at EMRP projects and validation of the methods by European and world comparisons. Connection with the Program 4, directions 7, p.7.4.5 and 4, point 4.1.6
The proposition is part of implementation of EURATOM Directives: 96/29” Radiation exposure of the professionaly exposed persons and public” and EURATOM 90/143 „Public protection against indoor radon exposure” EU and WHO included 222Rn in indoor air content in cathegory of indicators Environmental Health Indicator System (ENHIS) as House_Ex5 and proposed it as European Community Health Indicator (ECHI). The project will solve the monitoring of radon and correct evaluation of the effect on the human health.
The objectives of the project:
1.Study, conception, designing and construction, at IFIN-HH, Radionuclide Metrology Laboratory (RML) of a complex standardization system, containing: generation, circulation, radon recovery , associated with the system for absolute (primary) standardization;
2.Elaboration of the method for absolute standardization of radon, by using the Liquid Scintillation Counting (LSC) technique
3. Transfer of the activity unit from the primary standard to the IFIN-HH, RML relative standardization equipments, secondary standards . Performing real measurements, with radon standards and comparison of the results obtained with standards with those predicted by numerical modeling, for the evaluation of the response of detection and measurement systems
4.Preparation of prototypes of gas radon standards, to be used by the end users, after finalization of the project, for the direct calibration of the equipment, and/or for the calibration of the radon standard chambers. Implemention of software for processing of measurement data
5.Validation of the method, by participation at bilateral comparisons, with CEA/DETECS/LNHB-France, and preparation of RML for the comparisons organized in the frame of EURAMET-EMRP, and at key comparisons of the International Committee for Weight and Measures-Mutual Recognition Arrangement (CIPM-MRA), where Romania is part.
6.Issue of scientific papers, to be presented at the ICRM Conferences and other fora and published in international ISI quoted journals. Obtaining of patents for technical aspects
Realization of the Project It will be realized in partnership, along a 36 moth period : The IFIN-HH, RML will coordonate the project, will elaborate the concept of the system, will elaborate the standardization and transfer methods, will validate the system and will be the beneficiary of the system and standardization methods, CO . Partners : P1,Institute of Public Health Timisoara will respond of the formulation of requirements, measurements, elaboration of software and their implementation P2, ICSI, Ramnicu Valcea, will be responsible for realization of the gas circulation , cryogenics and vacuum systems, of the quantitative radon recovery in LSC vials and preparation of the vials with gas radon. P3, Commissariat a l ‘Energie Atomique/DETECS /Laboratoire National Henri Becquerel (LNHB)- Primary Activity Laboratory of France, with will be part in the conception of standardization methods, will be performed common measurements, at IFIN-HH and at the LNHB. Bilateral comparisons will be made ,and common scientific papers will be published


1.  (2007-12-30)
2.  (2008-12-30)
3.  (2009-12-30)
4.  (2010-09-30)

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