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Project List » Wet deposition of tritium - an eulearian approach

Wet deposition of tritium - an eulearian approach

Acronym: TRIWASH
Contracting Authority: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
Number / Date of the contract: 92 / 26.08.2008
Project Manager: Dr Dan Galeriu
Partners: National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, Bulgarian Academy of Science. Setcia Plovdiv
Starting date / finishing date: 2008-06-01 / 2009-10-20
Project value: 55969 RON
Abstract: In the last decade an analysis of needs for radiological assessment of tritium risks revealed the absence of robust models for wet deposition of tritiated water., a major source of radioactivity for some nuclear installation as heavy water reactor of CANDU type or future fusion reactor witch a research prototype just started recently (ITER). The future development of nuclear energy is conditioned by an increase safety and implicitly by using enhanced and robust radiological models. The influence of parameterization of wet deposition in the radiological assessment was recently notified in the IAEA project EMRAS, as a principal cause of discrepancies between model prediction in a case of accidental release of tritium. For Romania, developing the nuclear energy using CASNDU reactor with large tritium inventory, it is highly desirable to dispose of robust models for wet deposition of tritiated water. The expected advantages for this collaboration are obvious for both the Romanian part but also for Bulgarian partner- interested in transfrontalier impact of tritium emissions and to a lager implication in international radioprotection research. In the same time the results of this collaboration will enhance the contribution of the two groups on international research on radiation protection and safety and will respond to the suggestion of IAEA experts for full continuation of the research until applicability by others interested parties. This collaboration will contribute to a better understanding of each country research potential and for a transparent communication of nuclear risk.


1. preliminary reseach, Visit to Bulgarian partners, Visit of Bulgarian partner (article fort publishing,International impact and disemination, Young researcher activity,IT implementation of sooftwarer (2009-11-20)

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