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Project List » Extension, Viable and Safety Operation of NIHAM Research Infrastructure

Extension, Viable and Safety Operation of NIHAM Research Infrastructure
Extended website: http://niham.nipne.ro/cap_ro.html

Acronym: EVSONRI
Contracting Authority: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
Number / Date of the contract: 8/cp/I / 11.09.2007
Project Manager: Amalia Pop
Starting date / finishing date: 2007-09-11 / 2009-09-11
Project value: 1613000 RON
Abstract: As a consequence of the visibility and competitivity of the results obtained by the Center of Excellence – NIHAM in the field of nuclear interactions and Hadronic matter, its scientific staff became member of large scale international collaborations: DRACULA, CHIMERA – LNS, Catania, FOPI-GSI, Darmstadt, ALICE at LHC, CERN-Geneva and CBM at FAIR, GSI-Darmstadt. The results obtained by us within these collaborations are well recognized at the international level and were published in scientific papers in ISI journals, international workshops or conferences. Details of the above mentioned facts could be accessed on the web page of NIHAM – Center of excellence - http://niham.nipne.ro/new. All these contributed to the consolidation of a competent team of our Center of Excellence with important contributions in the R&D segment, in the construction of 20% of the TRD subdetector of the ALICE experiment – the most important contribution ever of a Romanian National Institute to a large scale international collaboration, to the ALICE-GRID – the first international GRID application in Romania and remarkable contribution in the field of nuclear structure, nuclear interactions and hadronic matter. Presently, the NIHAM distributed computing infrastructure is the main GRID site in Romania and one of the most efficient (in terms of (used computing power)/(available computing power)) from Europe and the rest of the world. In the last year a “data center” was set up at international standards which create the necessary conditions in terms of temperature and humidity for an efficient functioning of a distributed computing power and storage capacity at a Tier 2 level. The present Project aims to extend the present computing power and storage capacity and to guarantee a higher viability and safety operation of the research and computing infrastructures developed over the years in our center of excellence – NIHAM. In order to achieve this goal, the Project foresees the purchase of a proper equipment for power supply in case of electricity failure, special air conditioning equipment for the data center and computing and data storage capacity. The investment in the research infrastructure – EVSONRI is an investment for developing an existing infrastructure which shown its efficiency at international level. The increase of the capacity of the present infrastructure and its viability will have a direct consequence on the Romanian visibility at the European level and will guarantee the efficient use of the budget resources.



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