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Project List » Nuclear Structure Research and Instrumentation Developments for HISPEC/DESPEC

Nuclear Structure Research and Instrumentation Developments for HISPEC/DESPEC

Acronym: NSR-HD
Contracting Authority: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
Number / Date of the contract: 4FAIR/2020 / 2020-11-16
Project Manager: Constantin Mihai
Starting date / finishing date: 2020-11-16 / 2023-11-16
Project value: 1600000 RON
Abstract: The Facility for Anti-Proton and Ion Research (FAIR) is one of the largest research center worldwide, having at its core one of the largest and most complex accelerator facility ever to be built. The NUSTAR pillar of FAIR aims at producing and studying exotic nuclei with extreme proton-to-neutron ratios that will give insight at one scale to the forces acting inside the atomic nucleus and at another scale to the processes inside massive stars. HISPEC/DESPEC experiments consists of a series of complex experimental arrays to be installed on the low energy beam branch of the Super Fragment Separator (Super-FRS) to allow selection and identification of fission/fragmentation reaction products and perform in-beam or decay experiments in order to study the structure and properties of exotic nuclei far from stability. Presently, FAIR-Phase-0 is in operation, taking advantage of the SIS18 and FRS to obtain radioactive beams to take data using HISPEC/DESPEC instrumentation. Equipment development work is continuing towards full implementation of HISPEC/DESPEC.
The activities proposed in this project are well integrated in the framework of HISPEC/DESPEC following our national priorities as members in FAIR. The local expertise in nuclear spectroscopy and nuclear theory drives the main Romanian contributions in NUSTAR that are in the gamma-ray spectroscopy experiments, namely HISPEC/DESPEC. The intended contribution of the present project towards the HISPEC/DESPEC experiments is divided into three main activities:
  • Development and commissioning of detectors and instrumentation for HISPEC/DESPEC experiments. We plan to develop an alternative readout for the FAst TIMing Array (FATIMA) at DESPEC, based on the novel Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) technology. Additionally, we plan to test the SiPM technology with BGO crystals as a solution for the DEGAS array. The commissioning activities for the HISPEC plunger device will be also supported
  • Theoretical studies along the scientific objectives of HISPEC/DESPEC. Essential open questions will be addressed on the structure properties and the dynamics of nuclei with extreme N/Z ratios using our beyond-mean-field VAMPIR model family involving realistic effective interactions in adequate, large model spaces
  • Complementary experimental studies at present facilities. We plan to complement the proposal at FAIR Phase-0 aiming at studying N=Z nuclei around 100Sn with an experimental and theoretical study of N=Z 62Ga nucleus, to be performed at the Bucharest 9MV Tandem accelerator The specific objectives of the present proposal were drawn up as to both contribute to the implementation and operational phases of FAIR and to improve the integration of the Romanian community in the FAIR project. Through the implementation of our proposal we aim to positively affect on these particular activities, at same time increasing our scientific visibility, driving technological developments and providing unique education opportunities.




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