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Inelastic Reactions On 56Fe induced by Nucleons

Acronym: IRON
Contracting Authority: Unitatea Executiva pentru Finantarea Invatamantului Superior, a Cercetarii, Dezvoltarii si Inovarii (UEFISCDI)
Number / Date of the contract: PCE 83/2022 / 2022-06-10
PN III, Programul 4
Project Manager: Alexandru Negret
Starting date / finishing date: 2022-06-02 / 2024-12-31
Project value: 1135243 RON
Abstract: The project aims the measurement, with unprecedented precision and energy resolution, of the inelastic cross sections on 56Fe for reactions induced by neutrons and protons. 56Fe, the most abundant iron isotope, is a crucial element for the development of any nuclear facility and therefore intense efforts are ongoing for the investigations of the various cross sections of this nucleus. In particular, the neutron inelastic cross section of 56Fe is a quantity of high interest for the ongoing evaluation projects coordinated by the IAEA and NEA. Our group is in a key position to produce these high-quality nuclear data as we possess extensive know-how on this type of measurements. The experiments will be performed at the Tandem accelerator of IFIN-HH, Romania and at the GELINA neutron source of JRC-Geel, Belgium, and will employ a large range of modern experimental techniques including gamma spectroscopy, the time-of-flight method, digital data acquisition, etc. to allow highly reliable, low-uncertainty state-of-the-art measurements. The neutron-induced and the proton-induced reaction cross sections will be compared with the purpose of gaining a better understanding of the role played by the isospin symmetry during the nuclear reactions.

Objectives: The project has the following objectives:
1. To produce a highly precise dataset of neutron inelastic cross sections on 56Fe,
2. To produce a precise dataset of proton inelastic cross sections on 56Fe,
3. To compare the two datasets using a methodology similar to the one presented in our previous work and to further develop this methodology.

1. Preparation of the experiments  (2022-12-31) Results
2. Performing the 56Fe(p,p') measurement, finalizing the data analysis and the dissemination of the results. The upgrade of the GAINS's data acquisition system. (2023-12-31) Results
3. Performing the 56Fe(n,n') measurement, finalizing the data analysis and the dissemination of the results. (2024-12-31)


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