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Project List » Comparative study of the (n,n') si (p,p') reactions on 40Ca

Comparative study of the (n,n') si (p,p') reactions on 40Ca

Acronym: PD_n_versus_p_inel
Contracting Authority: UEFISCDI
Number / Date of the contract: PD 58/2022 / 2022-04-01
PN III, Programul 1
Project Manager: Marian Alexandru Boromiza
Starting date / finishing date: 2022-04-01 / 2024-03-31
Project value: 215450 RON
Abstract: Within this research project we propose two experiments and a theoretical procedure able to relate the neutron inelastic channel on 40Ca to the proton-induced one by making use of the nucleon-target optical model potential formal similarities and isospin symmetry in the compound mirror nuclei 41Ca and 41Sc. We will make use of one of the best experimental facilities available world-wide and state-of-the-art reaction calculations. The experiments will be performed at the GELINA neutron source of EC-JRC in Geel (Belgium) and at the 9 MV Tandem Accelerator of IFIN-HH in Magurele (Romania). From a purely practical point of view, this investigation is motivated by the great demand for very precise and reliable neutron-induced reaction data relevant for the construction of the generation IV nuclear facilities (with much improved nuclear technologies). However, experiments using neutron beams are more difficult to perform, as compared to the charged particle ones, because, among other reasons, these projectiles can not be focalized using electromagnetic fields. Within this context, the ability to generate (indirectly) the neutron inelastic cross sections of interest from easier-to-measure proton beam experiments would be therefore very helpful. Measuring using charged particle beams, typically much more intense, would also open the possibility of extracting (indirectly) neutron inelastic cross sections of very rare nuclei (i.e., very small target mass required) or even of radioactive targets. From a fundamental research standpoint, this exploratory study implying detailed comparisons between the neutron and proton reaction theory could yield new findings in respect to the currently used models for this kind of reactions and, in particular, in respect to the role played by the isospin-dependent term (the Lane term) of the nucleon-target optical model potential on 40Ca.

Objectives: 1. To produce a highly precise dataset of neutron inelastic cross sections on 40Ca
2. To produce a precise dataset of proton inelastic cross sections on 40Ca
3. By combining experiment and theory, to find a procedure able to relate the neutron and proton inelastic channels on 40Ca.

1. The 40Ca(n,n')40Ca experiment at EC-JRC (2022-12-31)
2. The 40Ca(p,p')40Ca experiment at IFIN-HH  (2023-12-31)
3. The theoretical investigation aiming to relate the (n,n') and (p,p') reaction channels  (2024-03-31)


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