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Romanian Journal of Physics
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Volume 64, Number 5-6, 2019
Editorial Material
In Memoriam: Aureliu Emil Săndulescu
Editorial Board
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 001 (2019)
Article no. 001: PDF
Theoretical, Mathematical, and Computational Physics
Nonlinear Waves in Optical and Matter-Wave Media: A Topical Survey of Recent Theoretical and Experimental Results
Boris A. Malomed, Dumitru Mihalache
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 106 (2019)
Article no. 106: PDF | Abstract
The Duffing Model Endowed with Fractional Time Derivative and Multiple Pantograph Time Delays
Marwan Alquran, Imad Jaradat, Dumitru Baleanu, Muhammed Syam
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 107 (2019)
Article no. 107: PDF | Abstract
Nuclear Physics
Periodic Table of Nuclides Based on the Nuclear Shell Model
Andrzej B. Więckowski
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 303 (2019)
Article no. 303: PDF | Abstract
A=14 Accompanied Ternary Fission of $^{242}$Pu in the Collinear and Equatorial Geometries Using Proximity and Yukawa Potentials
M. Zadehrafi, M. R. Pahlavani, I. Silisteanu, C. I. Anghel
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 304 (2019)
Article no. 304: PDF | Abstract
Complex Potentials in Fission
M. Mirea
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 305 (2019)
Article no. 305: PDF | Abstract
Energy Discrimination by Risetime for Fast Neutron Spectrometer FNS100
C. Bordeanu, M. Straticiuc, V.D. Mosu, O. Muresan, D.T. Moisa, R. Andrei, L.S. Craciun, I. Burducea, C.A. Pistol, T.R. Esanu, C. Ionescu
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 306 (2019)
Article no. 306: PDF | Abstract
Condensed and Soft Matter Physics
Dielectric and Acoustic Spectroscopy of Structural Changes in Ferrofluid by a Magnetic Field
Š. Hardoň, J. Kúdelčik, P. Kopčanský, M. Rajňák
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 602 (2019)
Article no. 602: PDF | Abstract
Influence of Gamma Irradiation on the Morphological Properties of HDPE+%ZrO2 Polymer Nanocomposites
A. Nabiyev, D. S. Linnik, Y. E. Gorshkova, A. M. Maharramov, M. Balasoiu, A. Olejniczak, A. I. Ivankov, Yu. S. Kovalev, A. I. Kuklin
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 603 (2019)
Article no. 603: PDF | Abstract
Biophysics and Medical Physics
The Cell Micronuclei Response to Ionizing Radiation in the Case of Gamma and X-Ray Exposure
Lucia-Raluca Barbu, Doina-Carmen Obreja, Octavian G. Duliu, Aurelia Celarel, Constantin Cenusa
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 702 (2019)
Article no. 702: PDF | Abstract
Environmental and Earth Physics
Seasonal Variations of Naturally Occurring Radionuclides and 137Cs in the Leaves of Deciduous Tree Species at Sites of Background Radioactivity Levels
Ivana Vukašinović, Dragana Todorović, Jelena Krneta Nikolić, Milica Rajačić, Ljubomir Životić
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 812 (2019)
Article no. 812: PDF | Abstract
Measurement and Assessment of Radon Gas Concentration in IFIN-HH and ELI-NP Using the Active Method
M. R. Calin, C. Ivan, M. Dragusin, I. Radulescu
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 813 (2019)
Article no. 813: PDF | Abstract
Applied and Interdisciplinary Physics
Studies on Ancient Roman Glass Using PIXE and SEM-EDS
B. Constantinescu, M. Straticiuc, Daniela Cristea-Stan, P. Mereuţa, I. Burducea, D. Ceccato, G. Talmatchi
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 902 (2019)
Article no. 902: PDF | Abstract
Analysis and Structural Investigations on Early Eneolithic Foeni Painted Pottery from Alba Iulia - Lumea Noua Archaeological Site
A. Bintintan, M. Gligor, I.D. Dulama, C. Radulescu, C. Stihi, R.M. Ion, S. Teodorescu, R.M. Stirbescu, I.A. Bucurica, G. Pehoiu
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 903 (2019)
Article no. 903: PDF | Abstract
Using Radiometric and Non Radiometric Methods for a Complex Characterization of a Historical Monument Ensemble; Otetelesanu Ex-Mansion from Măgurele Town, Romania, Case Study
C. A. Simion, T. B. Sava, O. Gaza, D. Gh. Pacesila, N. M. Florea, D. G. Ghita, M. M. Manea, M. Straticiuc, R. F. Andrei, M. R. Calin, I. Radulescu, A. Lukacs, D. D. Ionescu, R. Nemteanu, E. E. Sabo
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 904 (2019)
Article no. 904: PDF | Abstract
Using Cosimulation TruckSim - Simulink to Implement Fine-Grained Soil Vehicle Terrain Interface Algorithms
P. Roşca, T. Ciobotaru, M. Mărmureanu, D. Oancea, D. Turcanu
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 905 (2019)
Article no. 905: PDF | Abstract