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Romanian Journal of Physics
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Volume 65, Number 7-8, 2020
Theoretical, Mathematical, and Computational Physics
Remarks on the Geometry of the Extended Siegel-Jacobi Upper Half-Plane
Elena Mirela Babalic, Stefan  Berceanu
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 113 (2020)
Article no. 113: PDF | Abstract
Third Order Anomalies in the Causal Approach
D. R. Grigore
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 114 (2020)
Article no. 114: PDF | Abstract
Quintom Cosmology with Generalized Galileon Corrections
M. Marciu, F.V. Iancu, D.M. Ioan, V. Baran
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 115 (2020)
Article no. 115: PDF | Abstract
A Note on Proper Conformal Vector Fields of Static Spherically Symmetric Space-Times in f(G) Theory with Perfect Fluid Source
Fiaz Hussain, Ghulam Shabbir, F. M. Mahomed, Muhammad Ramzan
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 116 (2020)
Article no. 116: PDF | Abstract
On General High-Order Solitons and Breathers to a Nonlocal Schrödinger-Boussinesq Equation with a Periodic Line Waves Background
Wei Liu, Jiguang Rao, Xiaoyan Qiao
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 117 (2020)
Article no. 117: PDF | Abstract
Dynamics of the Fidelity of Teleportation in a Gaussian Noisy Channel
Marina Cuzminschi, Alexei Zubarev, Aurelian Isar
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 118 (2020)
Article no. 118: PDF | Abstract
Time Evolution of the Gaussian Entropic Discord in a Squeezed Thermal Environment
Madalin Calamanciuc, Aurelian Isar
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 119 (2020)
Article no. 119: PDF | Abstract
Nuclear Physics
Study of Low-Lying States in 69Ga
Shashank Singh, Mumtaz Oswal, Ashok Kumar, Gulzar Singh, K.P. Singh
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 304 (2020)
Article no. 304: PDF | Abstract
Calculation the Magnetic Dipole Moments and Quadrupole Moments for Some Exotic Chromium Isotopes Using Different Interactions
A.H. Ali, B. S. Hameed
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 305 (2020)
Article no. 305: PDF | Abstract
Lasers, Plasma and Beam Physics
Square Pulse Switchable Operations in L-band Fiber Ring Laser
Georges Semaan, Ahmed Nady, Alioune Niang, Meriem Kemel, Mohamed Salhi, François Sanchez
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 501 (2020)
Article no. 501: PDF | Abstract
Condensed and Soft Matter Physics
Modeling Plasmonic Solar Cells with Noble Metal Nanoparticles Using the Finite Difference Time Domain Method
M.M. Shabat, S.A. Nassar, H.G. Roskos
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 609 (2020)
Article no. 609: PDF | Abstract
The Influence of the Electrically Inactive Impurity on the Energy Spectrum of Electron and Hole in InAs/GaAs Heterostructure with InAs Quantum Dots
R. Peleshchak, O. Kuzyk, O. Dan’Kiv
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 610 (2020)
Article no. 610: PDF | Abstract
Biophysics and Medical Physics
XRD and FTIR Investigation of the Structural Changes of the Human Tooth Induced by Citric Acid
M. Todica, M. Muresan-Pop, C. Niculaescu, M. Constantiniuc
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 706 (2020)
Article no. 706: PDF | Abstract
Applied and Interdisciplinary Physics
3D Digitization of Translucid Materials in Cultural Heritage Objects: a Comparative Study between Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry
L.M. Angheluta, R. Radvan
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 906 (2020)
Article no. 906: PDF | Abstract