Second Workshop for Radioactive Decay Data Evaluators:
Training sessions of the Decay Data Evaluation Project (DDEP-2008)
Bucharest, Romania, May 12-14, 2008

Last Update 20-02-2008


The goal of the DDEP International Cooperation is to produce evaluations of nuclear data for radionuclides used in applied research, and in detector calibration.  

Since its genesis, it has produced about 135 data evaluations from an initial list of about 250 radionuclides that are utilized in the nuclear power industry, nuclear medicine, remediation of nuclear waste, and those commonly used for the calibration of gamma-ray detectors.

The DDEP collaboration had its First Training Session in Saclay , France , March 6-10, 2006. Together with the "Horia Hulubei" National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN-HH) and in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), DDEP is organizing its Second Training Session, to be held in Bucharest , Romania , May 12-14, 2008.

The objectives of this second workshop are the following:

  • To revise the current evaluation effort and plan a strategy to fulfill the goal of the collaboration. This may include the implementation of new approaches to data evaluation procedures, as well as the application of new computer software.
  • To present our current data evaluation methods and procedures as a training for the more recent members of our collaboration.
  • To help the participants in their evaluations. So, we are encouraging participants to present a data evaluation and share with other members of DDEP their specific questions and concerns regarding the various radionuclide-specific evaluation approaches.   

           In order to allocate sufficient time for your presentations, please send E. Browne ( EBrowne@lbl.gov – Scientific Editor & Coordinator) a copy of your presentation in Microsoft Power Point format (.ppt) by April 18, 2008.  


Also, please let us   know if you are planning to attend this workshop, by completing the forms/documents available in the Registration section.

We hope to see you in Bucharest !  

Wishing you a happy new year,  


Edgardo Browne (DDEP coordinator)

Marie-Martine Bé (Scientific Editor-in-Chief)

Aurelian Luca (IFIN-HH/Radionuclide Metrology Laboratory, on behalf of the Local Organizing Committee)