IFIN-HH Reactor site - DFH (Department of Hadronic Physics)

How to get from the Airport to IFIN-HH:

For your convenience you may consult the attached link to Google Maps with directions from the airport to the Double Tree Hotel Bucharest and from the hotel to IFIN-HH even though we reccomend to use a taxi service from the airport to the hotel. From the hotel to IFIN-HH the transportation will be provided by the host (IFIN-HH).
Two shuttle buses will depart as follows:
- One shuttle bus from Piata Unirii Bus Station on Bdul Unirii at Splaiul Independentei - as you look straight toward the Parliament House (you cannot miss it!)
- The other shuttle bus from Double Tree Hilton Hotel on April 03, April 04, and April 05, at 8:10 am.
Both shuttle buses have the IFIN-HH logo painted and both are white in colour.
- On your way back from IFIN-HH toward Piata Unirii Bus Station and Double Tree Hilton Hotel respectively, the two shuttle buses will depart shortly at the end of working hours.

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Please be mindfull that Romania is not yet in the eurozone and you will need to change some Euros into RON (1 euro ~ 4.4 RON) for the transportation fare. Exchange Offices are located also in the exit lobby of the Airport!

By Taxi:

Take an autorised taxi from outside the airport arival area (there is a line of such taxis and a dipatcher at the curb). Ask the taxi driver to get you to "Double Tree Hotel" Bucharest. The fare is aprox 100 RON (~25 euros).

By Bus:

Descend from the arival area level to ground level and you will find the bus station at the street curb just outside the exit. Purchase a bus card (bus fare on this line is 3.50 RON one way) at the station kiosk. You will validate the card in the bus for the transport fare. Take bus no.783 to "Piata Unirii" (Union Square) (end of the line). From here take bus no. 104 / 123 / 124. You will get off the bus at station "Traian".
The Double Tree Hotel will be on the right side.