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Project List » Tritium depth profile measurements of JET divertor tiles by AMS

Tritium depth profile measurements of JET divertor tiles by AMS

Acronym: BS17
Contracting Authority: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
Number / Date of the contract: 1EU-6 / 05.01.2009
Project Manager: Catalin Stan-Sion
Partners: Finland (VTT); Estonian Research unit (Tekes); JET-Culham, England.
Starting date / finishing date: 2009-01-01 / 2011-12-15
Project value: 228500 RON
Abstract: The detailed knowledge of depth profiles of tritium and other hydrogen isotopes in plasma exposed tiles of JET -Tokamak contribute significantly to improve understanding of the plasma wall interactions and provide important data on the hydrogen isotope retention in JET. Accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS), a highly sensitive analysing method, provides valuable information when compared to conventional Ion beam techniques such as (RBS), nuclear reaction analysis (NRA) and elastic recoil detection analysis (ERDA). With these IBA techniques it is very difficult to analyse tritium.
The Accelerator Mass Spectrometry has sufficient detection sensitivity to analyse tritium concentration in selected divertor tiles from JET. It allows, relevant depth resolution (order of 100 nm) measurements, as well as the detection of elements of other isotopes (D,Be). The accomplishment of the task uses the newly installed experimental AMS beam line for tritium analysis at the Horia Hulubei - Nuclear Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering (NIPNE), Bucharest. Preparation of standard samples and preparation of samples from the JET divertor tiles will be carried out in the frame of an international cooperation with Finland (VTT), Estonian Research unit (Tekes) and JET-Culham, England. All experiments for the concentration depth profiling will be carried out at NIPNE. The interpretation of the results will be done in the frame of the international cooperation. The work runs under Euratom contract JET-JW10-3.60.


1. Selection and preparation of samples from the divertor tiles of JET. Preparation of standards  (2009-06-30)
2. AMS T-depth profiling measurements on a first set of samples from JET. Data interpretation and conclusions. (2009-12-15)
3. Preparation of the first set of samples PFC (plasma facing components)for AMS measurements (2010-06-30)
4. AMS depth-profile measurements of the first set of samples PFC. Data evaluation and results (2010-12-15)
5. Preparation of the second set of samples PFC for AMS measurements (2011-06-30)
6. AMS depth-profile measurements of the second set of samples PFC. Data evaluation and results (2011-12-15)

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