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European Nuclear Science and Applications Research

Acronym: ENSAR
Contracting Authority: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
Number / Date of the contract: 121Eu / 2011-04-21
Capacitati - modul III
Project Manager: Dr. Nicolae Marginean
Starting date / finishing date: 2011-04-21 / 2013-09-14
Project value: 192060,80 RON
Abstract: ENSAR is the Integrating Activity of Nuclear Scientists from almost all European countries performing research in three of the major subfields of Nuclear Physics: Nuclear Structure, Nuclear Astrophysics and Applications of Nuclear Science. It proposes an optimised ensemble of Networking (NAs), Transnational Access and Joint Research Activities (JRAs), which will ensure qualitative and quantitative improvement of the access provided by the current seven infrastructures, which are at the core of this proposal. The novel and innovative developments that will be achieved by the RTD activities will also assure state-of-the-art technology needed for the new large-scale projects. ENSAR's core aim is to provide access to seven of the complementary world-class large-scale facilities: GANIL (F), GSI (D), joint LNL-LNS (I), JYFL (FI), KVI (NL), CERN-ISOLDE (CH) and ALTO (F). These facilities will be offering access to a very large, wide and diverse user community. The size of this community of physicists in nuclear structure, nuclear astrophysics, and applications of nuclear science in addition to the staff that is involved in accelerator and detector development and in running the facilities ranges between 2700-3000 scientists and highly qualified engineers. To enhance the access to these facilities, the community has defined a number of Joint Research Activities (JRAs), using as main criterion scientific and technical promise. These activities deal with novel and innovative technologies to improve the operation of the facilities. They are in general relevant to more than one facility and rely on strong participation of the European university groups. IFIN-HH is involved in two work packages, both having as objective the the realisation of joint research activities. In particular, IFIN-HH is involved in WP7-JRA01-ARES, which aims at developing ECR type ion sources, havins reponsabilities in task 1 "Plasma heating and wave-plasma interaction". In the framework of WP12-JRA06-EWIRA,the activity aims at integrating the laboratories in Central and South-Eastern European countries with those elsewhere in Europe, by developing novel technologies and methodologies of universal benefit that could be used both at these laboratories and elsewhere. IFIN-HH is the coordinator of task 1: "Novel approach to static moments, lifetime measurements techniques and novel instrumentation for rare nuclear processes" and has reponsabilities in task 2 "Novel highly segmented detectors for Coulex measurements and ion-beam applications".

Objectives: The project's objectives are: Design of a Plunger device with tracking capabilities, Design of an offline gamma-spectroscopy setup, that will allow lifetime measurements in the 50ps-1ns domain, Highly charged ions beams produced by the MD method, devolped in IFIN-HH and optimisation of extraction conditions in high power ECR-type ion sources. Research on high intensity highly charged ion beams produced by 3rd generation MS-ECRIS (GSI) and Phoenix (LSPC- Grenoble) high power ECR ion sources.

1. Design of a Plunger device with tracking capabilities. Research on performance enhancement of ECR type ion sources (2011-12-10)
2. Research on the effect of extraction potential on energetic electrons production in plasma using the gas mixing method with MD emission structures. (2012-12-10)
3. Design of an offline gamma-spectroscopy setup (2013-09-14)

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