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Project List » Center of Competence in Material Characterisation by Nuclear Technologies & new Analytical Instruments at European level, for IHE Applications (Industry, Health, Environment)

Center of Competence in Material Characterisation by Nuclear Technologies & new Analytical Instruments at European level, for IHE Applications (Industry, Health, Environment)

Acronym: New-Teh IMS
Contracting Authority: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
Number / Date of the contract: 71-074 / 18.09.2007
Parteneriate in domeniile prioritare
Project Manager: Dr. Emanuela Cincu
Partners: 1. NAA Laboratory from SCN Pitesti 2. TFCM Laboratory of INCDIE ICPE CA
Starting date / finishing date: 2007-09-18 / 2010-09-15
Project value: 2000000 RON
Abstract: The project is under the Materials Priority Research Direction (7), with the major objective of creation of the Center of Competence at European level for: Characterization and/or Certification Services of materials for: industry, health/medical field, human contamination control and environment control. The project is realized by a Consortium formed by 3 laboratories specialized on materials characterization by divers technologies: ‘ACTIVA-N’ Laboratory of IFIN-HH {applies nuclear and atomic techniques}, NAA Laboratory from SCN Pitesti {applies nuclear techniques}, TFCM Laboratory of INCDIE ICPE CA {applies atomic and physic-chemistry modern technologies}. In the priorytar theme of EC, described/ stipulated on PC 7 – Theme 4 “Nanoscience, …Materials and Technologies …” are presented the major importance of development and sustainability by materials obtaining with new characteristics and performance, with who are opened new applications in different fields, because in period 2007-2013 the qualities and performances of the new ‘materials’ are the motor of the industrial development/ competitivity. It is remarkable that the PC 7 sustain not only the”materials” fields priorities, but also the obligatorily of their characterization, in the scope of the new techniques characteristiques, advanced , with potrivite/ applicable ‘etalons’. Romania should fallow the CE Program by both directions: materials production and characterization. Also, ref to the experimental results certification/ validation in any field (the first is for analytical services) by participation to international exercises of ILC (Inter Laboratory Comparison and PT (Proficiency Testing), and the materials certification is realized only by ILC schemes in which participate accredited laboratories which applies different analytical techniques, the final results been established by application of some statistical evaluation instruments. Fezabillity and Experience: The project ‘New – The INS’, is dedicated to materials Characterization by complex technologies: nuclear – atomic and other modern techniques physic-chemist, accumulates the analytical experience of the 3 Partners and the materials production (Partner 2), but also the experience on the ILC field ‘ACTIVA-N’ Lab.(CO Partner) who participate until now at 4 international exercises ILC/PT, was organize in 2005-2006 an ILC/PT exercise on industrial materials, in the frame of European scheme, with statistical evaluation (the paper will appear on 2007 October in JRNC, no. 3, paper with ISI citations), and two ILC/PT exercises at national level (INFRAS Project no. 609), with statistical evaluation of the results, and was realized 3 communication and scientific paper on the performance field: 1 - published on Dec, 2007; 2 – will be presented on October, 2007, 4 – prepared for publication. The formation of the Center of Excellence will be realized fallowing the next 4 steps: A/ evaluation of the performance on 2007 by participation to an international ILC exercise on an industrial material, in the frame of the International Workshop ‘Nuclear PT’, which will be organized on October in Bucharest by IFIN-HH; B/ the acquisition of performant equipments for put in function the new analytical methods (2008 and 2009 partial); C/ elaboration of some referenced with AQ System for every method like technological service; D/ elaboration of “Combined ILC Method” for elemental analyze (2009) using the analytical techniques from all Laboratories and statistic instruments for evaluation of the results. We will obtain, in that whey, new cote of performances on elemental analysis: detection limits very low, the extension of the materials and analyzing elements list. Application on the Health and Environment field: The project will resolve the identification/evaluation problem of 210 Po contamination (used on terrorist attack on UK-2006), for which we don’t have analytical condition in present, offering-on final- a testing protocol for public services. It will be established possible schemes for identification of contamination with other radioisotopes alpha emitting, and performant services for environment contamination control (water, soil) with gamma-emitting radioisotopes (Cs 137, Co 60…), validated by participation on European ILC. The acquisition with new performant techniques and the characterization of a new types of materials require a big effort of knowledgement/ knowledge increase in a relatively short time, but the personnel with higher scientific specialization (7 CSI – CSII, from which 5 PhD) it will be based on a productive collaboration with the 8 young (CS, doctoral and master students) of the team. There are maximal chances to be realized valuable doctoral and master thesis using the new acquisitioned equipments, of higher technologies. In the last stage of the project (2010)it will be elaborate the ILC Center Services Offer and a advertising presentation material , a web page in two languages and it will be assure the dissemination at public level by many variants (round table, announcements, booklet,….). The material certification by the new ILC Method will certainly raise the sales offer of materials produced in our country at European/ International competitive levels. On the other hand, it will be make advertising also in the est European countries by information publications in dedicated Journals, Newsletters, that are now in press for publication, realizing Services offer openings at national/ international levels.


1. Performance studies of the atomic and nuclear analytical techniques employed by Partners in elemental analysis on a stainless steel sample (stage/ present level). Getting information on the criteria used for evaluating the analytical performance corresponding to the international level (by participation in International Workshop). Preliminary studies for modernization of the technological endowment. (2007-12-30)
2. Projection and elaboration of technical-economical documentation for performant technological experimental development (new techniques/ analytical methods, and modernization of the Partners Laboratories) (2008-06-30)
3. Achievement of the technological experimental development of the Partners Laboratories. Acquisition from import and bringing into service of the new equipments; preliminary tests for putting into operation (2009-01-01)
4. The achievement of the actions necessary for the testing of the Po 210 identifying method in human contamination; the testing of the results of a new NAA application technique at EU level. (2009-09-20)
5. Experiments with the existing equipments, including the latest acquisitions for the purpose of using as new analytical services.  (2009-12-15)
6.  The layout of the specialized analytical service of the ‘ILC’ Center through joint works of the Partners. Experiments in the ILC (comparative) joint pattern of minimum 2 samples from different materials (metallic alloy, ceramics, or nano-structured composites) through the (old and new) existing analytical techniques.  (2010-05-30)
7. Project achievement and public disemination of the ILC Center Service tender for material characterization (Applications in industry, environment, health fields). (2010-09-15)

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