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Acronym: Center Expert
Contracting Authority: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
Number / Date of the contract: 206 CP II / 12.09.2008
Project Manager: Dr. Emanuela Cincu
Starting date / finishing date: 2008-09-12 / 2010-10-20
Project value: 600000 RON
Abstract: The Project is placed in the priority Research 7 area of the ‘Materials’, subdirection 7.4 as a significant Support of the CD activities of the “ACTIVA-N” Laboratory from IFIN-HH, which is preparing the establishment of the „Matt-Excell’ Center of Competence/ Excellence in 2010. The „Matt-Excell’ Center is designated as a Reference Center for research and applications: high technology analytical services (tests, characterizations and materials Certification for industry, environment and medical applications), and Training & Education (practice/ specializations for post-graduates young people) and works in partnership with analists from the country and/or the UE; the Center is planned to get the European competitive level. The FP 7 European program is structured on 6 major objectives, of which the first 2 are: (1) „The establishment of Centers of Excellence by means of collaborations between laboratories”, (2) „Launching of the technological initiatives of the UE”, based upon the Technological Platforms launched within FP7. The activity and development fields of our laboratory, which in 2010 shall become the basical team of the Center of Excellence, fits to the two major axes 1 and 2, namely to the general themes of the Platforms PT4 – „EuMaT” (European Technology Platform for Advanced Engineering Materials & Technologies) and PT5 – „ESTEP” (European Steel Technology Platform), as well as to some fields of the Technological Platform ‚Measurements & Testing’. In the FP7 program, the society development which is based upon the development of the field ‚Materials’{‘Knowledge-based multi-functional materials and materials for extreme conditions’}, is greatly emphasized, because during the last years it was proved that new materials with new properties determine new applications which lead to ample developments, even unexpected, in many domains (industry, IT, communications, genetics, biochemistry, transportations, energy resources, microand nano- systems technologies, health and medical fields, mechatronics, etc.). The same great attention is granted to the ‚qualification’ of the materials, products and systems characteristics through „Measurements and Testing program”, according to the requirements of the Standard (EN ISO/CEI 17025), currently applied over the whole world, which involves: testing, validation and Standardization of the technical characteristics and performance by Certified Laboratories, elaboration of new techniques and new calibration methods; the expected results are: the exclusion of frauds and the increase of the materials/components, and quality of products. In essence, the ‚new properties’ consists in: new element compositions and new, special characteristics of the ‚microstructure’, of surface coverings, combinations or inclusions of materials, even at molecular dimensions in certain applications {in the field of the nanoand (sub) nano- technologies applications in different domains}. The “ACTIVA-N Laboratory for Materials Testing” is specialized in the use of the nuclear technologies „Gama - Spec” (meaning: Spectrometry of the gamma radiations for the determination of materials radioactivity) and NAA (meaning: Analysis of the element composition of materials by the nuclear Activation with Neutrons, involving use of ‚Gama-Spec’) for characterizations of radioactive materials, and nonradioactive, respectively; it was already accredited by RENAR (Certification L-275/ May 2004), with Audit internationally authorized, in compliance with the Standard ISO/IEC 17025), and got some international recognition by the published aticles and due to the very good or excellent results obtained in international PT (Proficiency Testing) exercises, after Accreditation. The establishment of the future „Matt-Excell’ Center is based upon: modernization of the ’ACTIVA-N’ Laboratory infrastructure in 2007-2008 by new technologies, which complete and are developing - at the same time- our fields of applications* according to the directions (‚mega-trends’) identified by the European Commisions of WG 4 for „EuMaT”, and WG 5 for “ESTEP”, and on the expertise / experience we already got by now, which includes the organization of a (mini) network of 5 NAA laboratories from the UE (2 of Romania), with appreciated experimental results, presented in international Conferences in 2005, 2007 and published in the ISI Journals. This „Center Expert” Project is essential to successfully accomplishing our efforts to establish the Center of Excellence, has the objectives: (a) the professional specialization in our specific working fields, including the new field „ Materials micro-analysis”, which implies : elemental analysis in an widely enlarged area of elements, by comparison to that of the NAA technique based on delayed gamma-rays (as is our case), the investigation of the material microstructure, completed by 3D images, studies of element defections, inclusions, fractures, etc.; (b) strengthening of the professional position by presenting scientific works in international Conferences; (c) creation of chances on the competitive European market of the analytical Services we can offer in the S&T fields, by training our staff personal in the Marketing field and how to approach the European S/T market; (d) development of collaborations in our country and in UE (which shall constitute one of the Support ways to the FP7 project). Note: The establishment of the ‚Matt Excell” Center of Excellence in 2010 will be a ‘pioneer’ work at the Regional (Central and Eastern Europe, Balkans) level, meaning great chances of success.


1. Study /Survey: The assessment of the requirements stage at EU/ international and national level in the materials characterization* through analytical techniques and of the quality/ performance of institutions and laboratories which apply the same (assessment through PT/ EQA criteria)**...... *which are used in industry, health/medical field, environment control, chemistry, a.o. **Proficiency Testing, External Quality Assessment Note: The acquaintance with the current requirements and with the materials characterization laboratories performance level is essential for the specification of the ANCS strategy in the applied reseasrch during 2009-2015 for the purpose of ensuring the Romanian technological competitiveness.  (2008-12-20)
2. Survey: The biomaterials used as implant in the Romanian surgery clinics (fields: orthopedics, cardiovascular diseases, dentistry, ORL). Data basis: the elemental composition, main features, frequency of use, advantages and risks, bioclinical effects, suppliers, costs. (2009-12-10)
3. Survey: The performances assessment stage of the analytical techniques laboratories in Romania for the characterization of the materials used in industry, environment control, applications in chemistry and micro and macro various technologies. Round table. Theme: „The applicative research in the ‚Materials’ field during 2013- 2015, with respect to the EU level”. (2010-06-15)
4. â€žThe analysis of the conditions necessary for the insurence of the ‚Analytical services’ laboratories competitiveness (Materials Testing) in Romania within the EU competitive market”.  (2010-10-20)

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