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Project List » Experimental and theoretical studies on exotic nuclei at ISOLDE

Experimental and theoretical studies on exotic nuclei at ISOLDE

Acronym: EXONTEX
Contracting Authority: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
Number / Date of the contract: 24EU / 13.04.2009
Project Manager: Nicolae Marius Marginean
Starting date / finishing date: 2009-04-13 / 0000-00-00
Project value: RON
The project has as a general objective to support collaboration Romanian General Isolde-CERN experimental facility.
Within this project, problems regarding the structure and nuclear dynamics, essential for nuclear astrophysics, will be approached. In this respect, the structure and dynamics of medium mass exotic nuclei near the N ~ Z line located along the proton fast burning chain, and the influence of coexistence and shape on Gamow - Teller beta decay processes will be studied. We also intend to refine the nucleon-nucleon effective interaction by re-normalizing the G matrix based on One Boson Exchange Potential, because the success of microscopic theories depends on accurate representation of effective nucleon-nucleon interaction.
The possibility of implementing in-beam fast timing experimental methods at CERN-ISOLDE will be investigated. In this respect, the methodology will be tested with a mixed array of HPGe and LaBr3:Ce detectors at the IFIN-HH Tandem accelerator of the IFIN-HH. This methodology will be used in experimental studies that will take place at CERN-Isolde. This studies are aimed to investigate the structure of proton-rich exotic nuclei produced in β-decay processes, nuclei of particular interest because they are near double magic nucleus 78Ni.
Information about the nuclei in this area may help to understand the evolution of nuclear structure shells in exotic nuclei, to identify the impact of large excess of neutrons on nuclear structure and to test in this critical area of the nuclides map the theoretical predictions, especially in shell model calculations using different single-particle energies and residual interactions.


1. Study of Gamow-Teller strength distributions at N~Z medium mass nuclei. Experimental methodics development and testing for fast-timing experiments to be used at ISOLDE (2009-06-10)
2. Fast timing measurements of neutron-rich exotic nuclei (2009-12-10)

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