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Project List » Chiral and wobbling motion, double beta decay to excited state with gauge symmetry restored and unified description of the pigmy dipole resonance

Chiral and wobbling motion, double beta decay to excited state with gauge symmetry restored and unified description of the pigmy dipole resonance

Contracting Authority: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
Number / Date of the contract: PCE 16 / 2021
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Apolodor Aristotel Raduta
Starting date / finishing date: 2021-01-04 / 2023-12-31
Project value: 1198032 RON
Abstract: The CSM for + and - parity bands is amended with a term of high K-2qp and a coupling term. The three components have orthogonal angular momenta and induce a large dipole magnetic transitions. The wobbling motion in even-odd nuclei is treated with an elliptic boson expansion for the angular momenta. One derives a Schrodinger equation with kinetic and potential energies separated. Expanding the potential around the deepest minimum one arrives at an oscillator equation defining the wobbling frequency. This is used to define the ground as well as the excited bands. The calculated e.m. transition probabilities are compared with the existing data. In describing the 2νββ decay one takes care of the Ikeda sum rule. Restoring the gauge symmetry brings the Ikeda sr in agreement with the experimental value. Here we deal with the 2νββ decay to the first excited phonon state, 2+. We shall calculate the effect of restoring the gauge symmetry on the transition rate. The distribution of the single β+ decay of the excited state in the daughter nucleus and the half-life of the process will be also considered. A unified description of the Pigmy resonance in spherical and deformed nuclei will be treated within a projected spherical single particle basis. We shall calculate the TRK sr and the spurious contamination due to the non-conservation of the center of mass momentum. The dependence of the Pigmy resonance centroid on the nuclear deformation will be analysed.

Objectives: Study of the chiral and wobbling motion in medium and heavy nuclei;to elborate a formalism for the double beta decay on the single phonon excited state with the gauge symmetry restaured; unified description of Pigmy resonances in spherical and deformed nuclei.

1. Chiral symmetries and wobbling motion in nuclei. Write a stage report (2021-12-31) Results
2. The double beta transition 0+--->2+, with gauge symmetry restored. Read the literature. Write a stage report. (2022-12-31) Results
3. Unified description of Pigmy dipole resonance in spherical and deformed nuclei. Writing the stage report. (2023-12-31)
RESULTS [Project Activity Report]

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