Horia Hulubei National Institute for R&D in Physics and Nuclear Engineering

Radiopharmaceutical Research Center

Development of radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals for molecular radioimaging and targeted radiotherapy (nuclear medicine)

The Radiopharmaceutical Research Center within DFNA is a unitary research infrastructure, consisting of the TR19 cyclotron and hot cells for radiochemical processing and pharmaceutical preparation, intended mainly for research (fundamental, preclinical and clinical) and for the development of radiopharmaceuticals, namely the development of medical applications in the field of nuclear physics.

Main objectives

  • Improving scientific and technical capability in the field of production and separation of radioisotopes with medical applications (diagnosis and therapy).
  • Contribute to improving the quality of life by translating research results into clinical applications and promoting a personalized medical approach. Creating a center of excellence in nuclear medicine imaging.
  • Development of nuclear applications in related fields: biology, pharmacology, agriculture, materials physics, medicine
  • Production of short or medium life radioisotopes and their radiochemical processing.
  • Development of state-of-the-art radiopharmaceuticals for SPECT and PET functional imaging, early diagnosis by nuclear medicine and targeted systemic radiotherapy of cancer.
  • Radiochemical synthesis, aseptic preparation, quality control, in vitro and in vivo preclinical testing on cell lines, respectively animal models, radiopharmaceutical preparation for clinical testing.
  • Chemical and radiochemical testing by analytical and radioanalytical methods using complex radioanalytical and physico-chemical methods: radio detection chromatography (HPLC, IC, GC, TLC), ligand tracer, dynamic light scattering.

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