Horia Hulubei National Institute for R&D in Physics and Nuclear Engineering

Radioactive Waste Treatment Plant

The management of the non-fuel cycle radioactive wastes from all over Romania is centralized at IFIN-HH in Radioactive Waste Treatment Plant (STDR). Radioactive wastes, containing short lived radionuclides, including spent sealed sources are collected, treated and conditioned at IFIN-HH before final disposal, provided they are satisfying the maximum concentration if activity allowed for disposal at Baita Bihor repository. The long-lived radioactive wastes including spent sources are stored on site at STDR Magurele (Am-241, Ra-226, Pu-238, Pu-239, neutron sources). The Radioactive Waste Treatment Plant was commissioned in 1975.

Solid wastes are classified, treated and conditioned as follows:

  • combustible type: cloth, paper, wood, etc.;
  • compactable, non-combustible type: glass, metal sheet and plastic materials;
  • non-compactable, non-combustible type: metal, ceramics, rubber, etc.;
  • spoilage, putrefying type: dead animal bodies, plants, fruits, vegetables, etc.;
  • short-lived spent sources;
  • long-lived spent sources and radioactive waste;

The STDR basically consists of liquid and solid waste treatment and conditioning facilities, a radioactive decontamination center, a laundry and an intermediate storage area.

STDR Magurele has available the following facilities for the treatment and conditioning of radioactive wastes:

  • installation for aqueous liquids treatment;
  • installation for incineration of solid combustible radioactive waste;
  • installation for solid non-combustible radioactive waste compaction;
  • installation for cement conditioning;
  • installation for decontamination of sub-assemblies and spare parts.

STDR Magurele has available a laundry for decontamination of individual protective clothes. The 220 litters drums conditioned are transmitted to the temporary storage and then transported to the National Repository at Baita Bihor.

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