Horia Hulubei National Institute for R&D in Physics and Nuclear Engineering

The minister of research, innovation and digitalisation visits IFIN-HH

The Romanian Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitalisation, Mr. Sebastian Burduja visited the scientific campus from Magurele on July 19, including IFIN-HH. In our institute the minister visited the Irradiation Facility IRASM and the 9-MV Tandem accelerator. Discussions took place in the conference rooms of the Hadron Physics Department and of ELI-NP. During a short speech Mr. Burduja emphasized the fact that, besides the exceptional infrastracture and the financial investments, the most valuable resource of IFIN-HH is the human resource consisting of Romanian and foreign researchers of who bring their important contribution to the advance of human knowledge and to technological progress. Facebook post

The first collision recorded by ALICE

After years of preparation, today we started taking data with a fully revamped ALICE detector recording the first 13.6 TeV pp collisions of Run 3. The run is still ongoing. It has been a very exciting day and the event was transmitted live on several social media: Facebook post Youtube link

Informare / Information 15.06.2022

Informare salariati privind demersurile necesare ale Sindicatului IFIN-HH. Detalii

Information for employees regarding the steps required for IFIN-HH Trade Union. More details
Informare salariati situatie CCM - IFIN-HH. Detalii

Information for employees regarding the CBA of IFIN-HH. More details

Anunt / Announcement

Gasiti anexat/publicat rezultatul votului din turul V al alegerilor privind reprezentantii salariatilor. Detalii

Please find attached/published the result for the fifth round of elections for the employees' representatives. More details

Informare / Information

Informare privind situatia reprezentativitatii Sindicatului IFIN-HH pentru negocierea unui nou Contract Colectiv de Munca la nivelul IFIN-HH. Detalii

Information on the status of IFIN-HH Trade Union representativeness for the negotiation of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement at IFIN-HH level. More details

EBSCO databases access

Free trial to the EBSCO databases available from Romdidac and the Anelis Plus Association. More details

Press Release - Scientific Council of IFIN-HH

The Scientific Council of the Horia Hulubei Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN-HH) expresses total disagreement with the invasion and the war in Ukraine. Press Release [EN] | Comunicat [RO]

Official delegation at IFIN-HH

On 13 of January 2022, an official delegation led by the Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae-Ionel Ciuca visited IFIN-HH. Discussions concerned mainly the future development of the institute and focussed particulary of the ELI-NP facility. More details

Announcement - Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization

Ministerul Cercetarii, Inovarii si Digitalizarii a pus la dispozitie adresa de e-mail: avertizor.integritate@research.gov.ro, adresa la care se pot comunica aspecte referitoare la activitatea institutului care intra sub incidenta averizarilor de interes public, astfel cum sunt prevazute de Legea nr. 571/2004 privind protectia personalului din autoritatile publice, institutiile publice si din alte unitati care semnaleaza incalcari ale legii.

Free Trial Oxford Journals

Oxford University Press, via its Romanian partner - ROMDIDAC - and Anelis Plus Association provides free access to the Association member institutions. Read more