Horia Hulubei National Institute for R&D in Physics and Nuclear Engineering

IRASM Multipurpose Irradiation Facility

IRASM is a production and R&D center offering industrial irradiation services, consultation, analyses, training and research in radiation processing. The main target is radiation treatment for sterilization of medical devices and microbial control for foodstuffs.

The facility and the project may be considered as a strategic investment for healthcare and upgrading the live quality in Romania.

IRASM project core is IRASM Multipurpose Irradiation Facility - a result of a Technical Co-operation project between IAEA and Romanian Government.

The IRASM design supports the declared prime facility goal - the promotion of technological irradiation. The end-users can benefit not only the irradiation treatment but also pre- and post-irradiation microbiological tests. A public acceptance room and a mini-library provide useful information for clients, health regulatory bodies and media.

Technical features

Irradiator: SVST Co-60/B type – Institute of Isotopes Co. Ltd. Budapest. Irradiator is of class IV (source storage in a pool, automatic transport system), product overload and tote-box type.

The goods transport system integrates an external conveyor with goods loading and unloading stations placed in the storage and maze and an internal conveyor placed into the irradiation room. The irradiation begins when the sources are lifted from the water pool in the air, in the middle of a metallic structure supporting internal conveyor. Totes are pneumatic moved around the sources, in 52 positions. In each position an incremental dose is delivered to the incidence of total presetting dose. At the irradiation end, the source comes back in the pool and the totes caring irradiated goods evacuates the irradiation room using the external conveyor.

  • Radiation sources: Co-60
  • Source type: CoS-43 HH (pencil shape), identical model with C 188
  • Source rack: rectangular, splited in 4 modules
  • Rack numbers: 3
  • Pencil number in a module: 33
  • Total pencil number: 396
  • Source hoist mechanism: pneumatic
  • Source comes back: gravitational
  • Pool: stainless steel, 6 m high
  • Biological shield (both water and concrete): calculated for 2 MCi
  • Transport system: pneumatic movement, tote-box
  • Internal dimensions of totes: (47 x 47 x 88) cm
  • Maximum load per tote: 120 kg
  • Maximum sterilization capacity (2 MCi; 25 kGy): 30 000 m3
  • Efficiency (package density = 0.2 tone / m3): min 27%
  • Non-uniformity dose ratio (package density = 0.2 tone / m3): 1.3
  • Storage aria: 500 m2
  • Storage volume: 2500 m3

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