Horia Hulubei National Institute for R&D in Physics and Nuclear Engineering

Turning Science into Prosperity

Besides uncovering the laws of nature the scientists of IFIN-HH are also commmitted to use science for the benefit of society.
Several departments are mainly involved in applied physics research.


Applied Nuclear Physics

Applied Nuclear Physics Department (DFNA) focuses on designing and exploiting experimental facilities for interdisciplinary applications. The main fields of activities are: accelerator mass spectrometry (including C14 dating studies for archeological purposes), archaeometry studies (XRF PIXE, X Ray tomography), materials studies (AFM, NAA, positron spectroscopy RBS), nuclear applications in medicine (PET, boron therapy), advanced detection systems custom design.

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Life and Environmental Sciences

Department of Life and Environmental Sciences (DFVM) seeks to secure, maintain and develop appropriate tools to perform comprehensive radiological assessments relating to nuclear facility siting, operations, and decommissioning, the management of radioactive sources and radiation devices, the occupational and public exposure, and the nuclear emergency planning, biological studies and analysis for the evaluation of biological response associated with ionizing radiation.

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Radioisotopes and Radiation Metrology

Radioisotopes and Radiation Metrology Department (DRMR) is unique in our country by its activity and complexity. The basic activity of DRMR in research, technology transfer and technical services are in the areas of radioactive products and their use in medicine, industry, agriculture, biology, and others.

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Multipurpose Irradiation Facility

Multipurpose Irradiation Facility Center (IRASM) is a production and R&D center offering industrial irradiation services, consultation, analyses, training and research in radiation processing. The main target is radiation treatment for sterilization of medical devices and microbial control for foodstuffs.

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Radioactive Waste Management

Radioactive Waste Management Department (DMDR) mission is managing institutional radioactive waste at the national level, from applications of nuclear techniques and technologies in areas like education, medicine, agriculture, industry, in terms of radiological safety.

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Technology Transfer

The Center for Technology Transfer and Marketing was set up as IFIN-HH's Technology Transfer Office, for valorizing the results of the Scientific Research developed in the institute through patent licensing, augmented volume of services rendered to the industry, increased visibility, collaboration with national and international research institutes, academia-industry meetings, participation to specialized fairs and exhibitions, training activities and students participation to research experiments.

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